Fort Rosecrans, Memorial Day – A Gallery of Photos by Dan Gindling

A hallowed place where our heroes may rest

Dan Gindling and Kimberlee Caledonia were a couple of friends from our early mountain-biking days.  Time can be like a large ocean wave that sweeps people apart, and so it happened that we became divided by the years.  Yesterday I learned that Kimberlee, an avid athlete and all-around lovable gal, had lost a battle to brain cancer in 2008.  It was like a sucker punch in the gut, the kind that killed Houdini

Since the loss of his beautiful wife, Dan, a talented writer and photographer, has devoted his energies to giving back to his community in various ways.  He began a nonprofit organization called Kimberlee’s Bikes for Kids which gathers new bikes and accessories, then gives them to children in the San Diego area.  We all know – particularly when we are well beyond our early years – that childhood is the time to play outside under the sun and that a bicycle is the perfect exploratory vehicle for a child.  Kids and bikes go together perfectly.

This past Memorial Day Dan helped place flags at the 80,000 gravesites of the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  His photo essay is very moving.  Go take a look!

Fort Rosecrans, Memorial Day – A Gallery of Photographs by Dan Gindling

Thank you, Dan.  I hope that Kimberlee is sailing down some righteous downhill singletrack with the wind at her back.

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